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Student Involvement presents: Throwback Thursday on November 30th from 11 am - 2 pm at Bobcat Trail.

Fall 2017 Events

Date Program Time Location Sponsor
10/20/2017 Trivia Night 8pm George's George's
Oct 2-4 TXST's Got Talent Auditions 5:30pm-9:30pm George's SACA
October 6-8 Bobcat Break Weekend TBD TBD SVC
10/23/2017 Haeley Vaughn 6pm LBJSC Amphitheater SACA
10/24/2017 Cash Attack 3pm George's SACA
10/24/2017 Bobcat Break Applications Close 5pm Online SVC
10/25/2017 Bobcat Acts of Kindness: Sticks and Stones 6-7PM LBJSC 3-6.1 SVC
10/25/2017 Outreach Day TBD TBD SOC
10/25/2017 Bobcat Break Job Site Leader Training 3:30-5PM LBJSC 3-4.1 SVC
10/27/2017 SACA-Ventures: Fright Fest TBD Six Flags Fiesta Texas SACA
10/27/2017 HC Spirit (Display/Flag) Competitions TBD Various SACA
10/27/2017 Halloween Bingo 8pm George's George's
10/28/2017 HC 4v4 Volleyball 12pm-5pm Campus Rec SACA
10/28/2017 Day of Service TBD HCWC SVC
10/29/2017 Bobcat Break Interviews 12:30pm-3:30pm LBJSC 3.6-1/3.7-1 SVC
10/30/2017 HC Carnival & Spirit Rally 11am LBJSC Mall SACA
11/1/2017 HC Talent Show 7pm Evans Auditorium SACA
11/2/2017 Org Olympics TBD TBD SOC
11/3/2017 HC Soapbox Derby 3pm-5pm TBD SACA
11/3/2017 Table Tennis Tournament (pending) 5pm George's George's
11/4/2017 HC Tailgate & Game TBD Bobcat Stadium SACA
11/6/2017 Outreach Day TBD TBD SOC
11/8/2017 Bobcat Acts of Kindness: #HaltHunger 6-7PM LBJSC 3-6.1 SVC
11/8/2017 Bobcat Break Job Site Leader Training 3:30-5PM LBJSC 3-4.1 SVC
11/10/2017 Trivia Night 8pm George's George's
11/14/2017 Market Day 7am Quad/Mall Student Involvement
Nov 6-8 Espresso Yourself 6pm George's SACA
11/15/2017 Hunger Banquet 5-9pm LBJSC 3-13.1 SVC
11/19/2017 Bobcat Day of Service TBD TBD SVC
11/20/2017 Outreach Day TBD TBD SOC
11/29/2017 Amazing Race TBD TXST Campus SACA
11/29/2017 Bobcat Acts of Kindness: Hearts Full for Those Experiencing Homelessness 6-7PM LBJSC 3-6.1 SVC
12/5/2017 NTSO Graduation Celebration 6pm TBD NTSO