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Dear World VIP Shoot

Congratulations! You have been identified by Student Involvement @ LBJSC to be a part of a select group of representatives to participate in an exciting interactive opportunity coming to Texas State University.   

Texas State University is made up of thousands of diverse students, faculty, and staff, each with a different story, a different plan, and a different voice.

Dear World, an award-winning photographic storytelling project that began in New Orleans in 2009, will be on our campus October 11th & 12th as part of a project that aims to highlight the diversity of the people who make Texas State what it is.  

As a proud Bobcat, you will have the opportunity to meet with Dear World staff and share your personal stories with one another. After the meet and greet, you will then be asked to think of words or messages that are reflective of your stories and to write those words on yourselves in black marker. That’s when Dear World’s professional photographers turn their cameras on in an effort to create powerful images that can be shared throughout campus.

We invite you to take part in this interactive opportunity, share your stories, and experience the powerful stories of your fellow Bobcats!

Open to all Texas State students, faculty, and staff. 
To request disability accommodations, please contact