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Campus Access FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question regarding rules for outdoor tabling? Check below to review our most frequently asked questions!

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  • Amplified sound is permitted in the following spaces during the listed times.

    - LBJ Mall and Amphitheater from 11am-1pm and 5pm-10pm every day.

    -Bobcat Trail from 11am-1pm on Tuesdays/Thursdays

    -Jones Dining Hall green space from 11am-1pm on Wednesdays

    Amplified sound is not permitted in the Quad at any time.

    Please mark the type of amplified sound you will be having on your outdoor tabling request form.

  • When submitting your request in our online reservation system, please select the event type as "Solicitation". Please list the types of food and drink items being sold and provide a copy of at least one valid food handlers certification for someone who will be present the entire time food is being sold.

    At this time, there are no restrictions on what types of food and drink can be sold.

  • At this time, space is available in the LBJ Mall, the Quad and Bobcat Trail. Our Campus Access webpage contains maps for all 3 locations and includes the assigned spaces available

  • This may mean that you are not listed on your organization's most recent registration. Only officers listed on the organization registration have access to the reservation system. Confirm with your organization who should be and is on the registration.

    If you are currently listed as an officer and the templates are still not showing up, please contact Student Involvement at or call 512-245-3219.

  • Yes. Outside guests are permitted to participate in on campus events, though the majority of the attendees of the event should be TXST students, faculty or staff. If you will be having outside guests at your event, please provide a list to Student Involvement prior to the event.


  • No. Masks are not required on campus

  • No, Student Involvement does not provide any tabling equipment. Organizations are responsible for bringing their own table if they want one.

    If you are requesting tabling space in the LBJ Mall only, the LBJ Conference Services team can provide a table for you. You will need to check in with them on the 2nd floor of the LBJ Student Center on the day of your reservation to receive a table.

  • No. Event attendance tracking is required for all other organization events such as meeting, retreats  both on and off campus, but is not required for outdoor tabling.

  • Outdoor tabling spaces are assigned. When you fill out the request to reserve space, you must specify which space you want. Groups are expected to set up in their assigned spaces.