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Organization Conduct Review (OCR) Committee

Organization Conduct Review (OCR) Committee Application for Student Members

The OCR is a committee comprised of a minimum of two currently enrolled Texas State students and one university employee. The team’s primary purpose is to investigate allegations of organizational misconduct for major violations or allegations assigned to it through Student Involvement @ LBJSC.  

a. Members will be selected by the Dean of Student Office and Student Involvement @ LBJSC.

b. The Dean of Students reserves the right to remove any member for just cause.

c. Judicial training for all members will be coordinated through the Dean of Students Office.

d. If a vacancy occurs on the OCR and/or there is a conflict of interest, the Dean can replace member(s) as needed.

From SAPPS No. 07.06 Student Organization Disciplinary Procedures found here.

Should you have any questions, please contact Brenda J. Rodriguez, Associate Director for Student Involvement, at or 512.245.3219 or Tabitha N. Williams, Coordinator for Organization Conduct, at 512.245.1902 or

Requirements for consideration include:

  • Must have completed at least one academic semester at Texas State University
  • Be in good academic with a cumulative GPA of at least at 2.5 and in good disciplinary standing
  • Confirm you have the time to commit
  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Coherently express your desire to serve on the OCR Committee