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Poster and Flyer FAQs

Looking to put up posters around campus? All posters must be approved by Student Involvement and stamped before they can be placed up.

Stop by the Student Involvement desk on the 4th floor of the LBJ Student Center and one of our staff will review and approve your poster!

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  • Student organization posters need to have the following:

    • The organization name, clearly shown/visible

    • The date, time and location (if the poster is advertising an event or meeting). The posting can say "contact for location" if you wish.

    • A contact email (must be TXST email)

    A registered student organization poster CAN:
             advertise an organization event        


    advertise a guest speaker


              advertise a student organization solicitation event (bake sale, t shirt sale, etc)

    A registered student organization poster CANNOT:
            solicit on behalf of/ advertise for an outside business









  • Student Involvement will also approve certain  non- student organization postings. Those scenarios are below.

    Student to student postings:

    • information only postings can be posted in designated locations and must have the Student Involvement stamp
    • solicitation flyers are only permitted on a short term one time basis, such as sublease posters (no textbook sales, personal businesses, etc)
    • No personal tutoring flyers are permitted. All tutoring must  be coordinated through SLAC and Career Services


    Outside entities:

    • outside entities are not permitted to place their posters on campus. This is considered solicitation and not permitted.


    Job Postings

    • job postings are not permitted. Please contact Career Services for information on how to share your job posting with students


    For departmental posting information, please contact Student Involvement at

  • Posters cannot be larger than 22 in x28 in

    They can only stay up for 10 business days before they need to be removed or re-stamped.

    Only one poster per posting location (posting locations list can be found by contact Student Involvement at

    Posters cannot be placed on walls, doors, bathroom stalls, or trees.

An exmaple of a registered student organization poster. It includes the org name, date and times for two events, as well as a contact email and social media handles
An example registered student organization poster