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Raffles Page

Raffles in Texas: Know the Law
Raffle University Policy and Procedures


03.01  Groups authorized to conduct raffles under the Charitable Raffle Enabling Act (Art. 179 F, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes), hereafter referred to as a “qualified organization,” may conduct raffles on campus, if approved, with proper documentation, by Student Involvement @LBJSC or by the director of the Round Rock Campus, or designee. Qualified organizations include non-profit organizations that:

a.   have existed for at least three preceding years and are exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c), Internal Revenue Code;

b.   do not distribute any of their income to their members, officers or governing body;

c.   do not devote a substantial part of their activities to attempting to influence legislation; and

d.   do not participate in any political campaign.

03.02  Groups wishing to conduct raffles on- or off-campus must meet with Student Involvement @LBJSC or with the director of the Round Rock Campus, or designee, at least 10 university days prior to requested dates to review State of Texas and university policies and procedures related to conducting raffles.