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Meet the Staff

All-staff photo of Student Involvement team. Includes grads and full time staff.

Leadership Team

Dr. Brenda Rodriguez headshot

Dr. Brenda Rodriguez, she | her | hers

Associate Director,

Sylvia Reyes headshot

Sylvia Reyes, she | her | hers

Assistant Director,

Full-Time Staff

Brettney Birdwell headshot

Brettney Birdwell, she | her | hers

Coordinator for Community Development,

Rebecca Vaughan headshot

Rebecca Vaughan, she | her | hers

Administrative Assistant II,

Charles frazier headshot

Charles Frazier, he | him | his

Coordinator for Service and Summer Programs,

Kait White headshot

Kait White, she | her | hers

Coordinator for Campus Access,

Alyssa clift headshot

Alyssa Clift, she | her | hers

Coordinator for Campus Activities,

Graduate Assistants

michael bivens headshot

Michael Bivens, he | him | his

Student Organization Development,

jonny moreno headshot

Jonny Moreno, he | him | his

Student Association for Campus Activities (SACA),

amanda dotson headshot

Amanda Dotson, she | her | hers

Student Association for Campus Activities (SACA),

danny rau headshot

Danny Rau, he | him | his

Student Organizations Council (SOC),

Simmi chadha headshot

Simmi Chadha, she | her | hers

Bobcat Build,

DJ yanes headshot

DJ Yanes, she | her | hers

Student Volunteer Connection (SVC),

Jade godoy headshot

Jade Godoy, she | her | hers

Cat Camp,